Monday, September 21, 2009

Palin to Speak About US Foreign Policy

Apparently Sarah Palin is going to be speaking about US foreign policy and China sometime soon. Now I know this may be somewhat hard to grasp if you’re a logical human being, but it’s happening, against all odds.

“Palin, mocked during last year's presidential campaign for her lack of experience in foreign affairs and for her verbal gaffes, is due to address hundreds of financial big-hitters at the CLSA Investors' Forum on Wednesday.”

Personally, I wouldn’t trust this woman to make an omelet, fearing imminent food poisoning, let alone represent this country & its views on foreign policy. In all honesty she, and people that support her, are an embarrassment to this country, and the human race in general. These are the people who are misinformed and undereducated. These are the same freaks that think their taxes are going to be raised if Obama’s health care bill passes. These are the people that the right wing media loves to exploit for profits sake. These poor fools are pawns and they are totally unaware of it.

“Palin was chosen to speak since she's a possible Republican candidate in the next US presidential election and because of her influential role in politics.”

Read the entire article here.

This is truly upsetting when someone of this stature is considered to be a possible presidential candidate, especially by other countries. Sure, she’s likeable as a person and somewhat attractive if you’re used to fucking sheep and other farm animals, but come on people are we really that sick and demented? Things are getting so far out of hand that before we know it a bunch of wild-eyed crazies are going to show up on the white house lawn bearing confederate flags with machetes and assault rifles in hand screaming bits about Socialism, Fascism, Marxism, and so forth. What’s sad about this is that these poor bastards obviously have no idea what these words actually mean. Unfortunately everything that Obama proposes seem so intangible and esoteric that their legs go limp and faces start to melt. What a sad state of affairs.

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