Monday, September 28, 2009

O’Reilly Vs. Jesus Camp, Regarding Indoctrination

O’Rielly recently spoke about indoctrination found within a harmless song that some school children were singing about Obama. The message, as always, was innocuous and twisted by the miserable media. What did the message, or song, say? Work hard, people should be treated equally, help your neighbor/country, and so forth.

From Media Matters:

The only ammunition that one can use in stating that this is indoctrination is the countdown. Honestly though, that’s just bat shit nuts. There are countdowns in classic rock songs, hip-hop songs, shuttle launches, the New Year, etc. Does this mean that these ideas are being forced on people? Hell no. O’Rielly also states that there are no songs praising bush, which also means that people weren’t attempting to force feed ideological views down children’s throats. Well I find that hard to believe when videos such as this are so readily available.

There are a handful of these, this is just an excerpt.

Were these sick bastards really forcing these children to pray to a cardboard cutout of Bush? Weird, they were. “Mhmmmm Mhmmmm Mhmmmmm, George W. Bush, you just can’t imagine it in a million years,” states Mary Katharine Ham. Could any sane person actually imagine that? Hell no. What did that twisted illiterate, politically inept, asshole every accomplish that was song worthy? Absolutely nothing. I’d love to hear one positive thing that Bush did for this country. Crickets. Facts are facts, there’s really nothing more to say, the video says it all.

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