Monday, September 21, 2009

9/12 Glenn Becks Bat Shit Showdown

I’m ashamed to say this but the current state of this country is reminiscent of a bad trip on 15 tabs of LSD while being stuck in a never-ending, unforgiving, labyrinth of stupid. This is a place where lunatics run wild heaving shit & false accusations at everyone in sight whether they be friend or foe. God for bid you end up in melee range of one of these temperamental mutants, they are bound to gnaw at your skull or possibly pull out some teeth leaving you embarrassed, bloody, and disfigured. During the mutilation they scream absurdities, which no one can honestly comprehend or decipher. You sit there covering your head curled up in fetal position praying that the nightmare comes to an end, but it doesn’t, and it won’t for some time (now). While stuck in this sick realm one must test his merit on many different levels. Who knows what lies around the next corner? What could possibly come next? Maybe a right wing protester with an IQ of 15 that you’re forced to have a conversation with about health care reform without retaliating to violence to prove a point. Maybe even some vampire from FOX news who is an expert knife thrower and world-renowned sadist with a niche for sodomy. This maze is bad news regardless of which route you take, it’s all up hill from here. Welcome to America.

Unfortunately this, though probably not as surreal, is what most educated Americans have to deal with on a daily basis, it’s nothing to brag about and something we’re not accustomed to. We’re surrounded by swine ready to sell out to the highest bidder; their game is peddling bullshit. What happened to being one of the most impressive countries in the world? Apparently that went out the window years ago and will once again after our current president is replaced. That is of course if we let that happen/don’t do something about it. Why can’t we all rise up as Americans and realize that there are major issues in this country that need immediate attention. Health care, wars, corruption, the FED, unlimited corporate contributions to government officials, wiretapping, torture, and so forth. Instead of thinking logically and behaving responsibly everyone is busy beating the shit out of one another either physically or verbally, debate or prison rape. We’re all stuck in the middle of an epidemic and its getting worse by the minute.

That rant is of course referring to the 9/12, tea bagger, and other insanely inept protests that have occurred recently. Yes I know it’s a bit late but this article was supposed to be posted a week ago. Oh well, shit happens. Regardless I still feel that it’s extremely important to expose these events and the disinformation that seems to flow through the attendees dying varicose veins. It’s hard to put words to describe this shit show of ignorance without drool oozing out of the side of my mouth. So instead I’ll supply you with video footage and some photographs, this way you can form your own conclusions. I recommend a bib and at least 12 shots of 100 proof vodka for this trip.



Have fun attempting to piece your brain back together after your head explodes.

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